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Business Law: Contract Drafting


Businesses of all sizes use contracts for everything from licensing software and working with web developers to purchasing supplies and supplying products. And while, as users, we often click accept and ignore, doing so as a business could have serious repercussions. Mann Law will help you draft contracts or review contracts for leases, products, services, and more to ensure everything is legitimate and fair and you are protected.

Digital and Technology Contract Drafting

Entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals, e-commerce sites and others need a variety of agreements and contracts including development agreements, privacy policies, and terms of use documents. They may also need cease and desist orders, non-disclosure agreements, or other contracts to help protect intellectual property and the value of their business. Mann Law can help you create, review, and enforce these contracts.

We can help you with a wealth of resources such as templates and guidance in the creation of these documents. Our legal professionals are also happy to help review contracts you receive to ensure you’re protected and get what you need. It’s what we do best. And when we do what we do best for you, you can concentrate on running your business.

If you need to create a business contract or are preparing to sign one, contact the contract lawyers of Mann Law. You’ll receive a free consultation and access to a wealth of knowledge to keep you happy and your business safe.

Commercial Lease Contract Drafting

If you will be renting or leasing a property to a business, or if your business will be leasing from someone else, Mann Law’s business law attorneys can help you avoid future disaster. For example, lease contracts should clearly outline what each party has responsibility for repairs. They will also explain how land sales, rent collection, and other processes will be carried out. Our attorneys can help you negotiate terms and look after all the small details that can often become areas of contention if they’re not addressed and thoroughly outlined in a contract.

Purchase Order and Service Contract Drafting

If you’ve ever ordered something and didn’t get what you wanted, or been dissatisfied with a service but had no way to rectify it, you already know how frustrating it can be if a purchase, supply, or service contracts are unfair. The business contract law professionals at Mann Law want to make sure that doesn’t happen to you or your business. While they can’t guarantee you’ll always get what you order or that your customer will always be easy to please, they can make sure all of your product and service contracts are fair, meet the needs of your business, and keep you protected.

Contract Law

The attorneys at Mann Law are ready to guide you in every aspect of contract law.