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Business Law: Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Creating, maintaining, and adapting corporate governance practices can affect every aspect of your business and decide whether it can reach its goals. Mann Law’s team of corporate governance professionals will help you incorporate and put into practice effective and smart governance strategies that will help your business reach its goals and dominate the market. Each one will be tailored uniquely to you, and should your corporate governance systems need to change due to growth or industry change, they can help with that, too. Contact the business law experts at Mann Law for a free consultation and learn more about how we can help.

What Does Corporate Governance Cover?

Corporate governance consists of a body of internally-enforced rules that direct the business toward success, add transparency to the company’s management, and ensure the interests of all shareholders in a corporation are in harmony. Corporate governance policies generally include a range of checks and balances that keep managers accountable and boards informed. It also outlines the processes that must be followed to put changes into effect to ensure that employees, creditors, managers, directors, and shareholders are protected.

Many of the corporate governance policies include those outlined by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). These include internal financial reporting controls, a code of ethics, and disclosure procedures. Also, policies such as those concerning insider trading, auditing, whistleblower procedures, and other compliance rules are put in place. To ensure these procedures and policies are effective and practical, Mann Law’s business law attorneys will share their knowledge, experience, and expertise and provide you with access to practical advice and resources.

Mann Law is here with a listening ear and a wealth of resources. Contact us for a free consultation today to find out how we can help.

Incorporation and Corporate Law

Incorporating can have a plethora of benefits, but this process can also have some disadvantages and complications. The corporate law professionals of Mann Law can help you, and other members of your business, understand what these advantages and disadvantages are. They’ll learn what your needs and goals are, and help you through the entire incorporation process from start to finish to help turn your vision into reality.

In the beginning, for example, your corporation’s name will need to be cleared and there are several documents you’ll need to complete and file. Our corporate law attorneys will use their backgrounds to provide you with customized legal counsel and keep on top of the many requirements placed on businesses and their people during these procedures.

How Mann Law Can Help With Corporate Governance

In addition to incorporation, the corporate law professionals of Mann Law can help you with many different aspects of forming and maintaining a corporation. The formation and alteration of shareholders’ agreements, for example. These can include how issues such as compensation, death, and buy-sell options are handled. You will also need to outline corporate roles and obligations and address legislative concerns.

Mann Law can assist with the closing of a corporation, too. Whether you’re selling, merging, or closing everything up, our professionals can help ease the stress of these situations and help you find solutions to the many issues that arise during these processes such as dealing with debts and creditors. Their experience and knowledge combined with their personalized service allow them to help you find options, strategies, and solutions to the many obstacles you’ll inevitably encounter along the way.

Corporate Governance

Whether you’re starting the incorporation process, adjusting the policies you already have in place, or looking to close a corporation, Mann Law is here with a listening ear and a wealth of resources. Contact us for a free consultation today to find out how we can help.

Contact us for a free consultation today to find out how we can help.