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Personal Law: Estate Planning

Florida Estate Planning What is a living trust

Here at Mann Law, our primary goal in estate planning is to customize practical solutions tailored to each client’s situation in order to deliver excellent results. We help our clients protect their assets and secure the future of their loved ones. More specifically, our professional estate planning attorneys help our clients maintain control over their estate, avoid the need for probate, protect the value of their assets, and minimize taxes.

Every estate is as important to us as it is to our clients. Our staff is passionate about their work. Your personal representative is available at all times to clarify the need for certain documents, answer your questions, and review each and every detail of your estate plan.

Why Estate Planning is Important

Without a legal plan in place, an estate’s assets are distributed in accordance with the existing laws of intestacy of Florida. It is important to take the time to properly prepare an estate plan. Doing so helps you maintain control over what happens to your assets.

Estate planning encompasses a wide number of aspects, including wills, irrevocable trusts, revocable trusts, asset protection, wealth preservation,  health care documentation, durable powers of attorney, and minimizing state and federal tax liabilities.

Primary Aspects of Estate Planning

The primary points addressed during estate planning include:

– Creation of a will
– Creation of a trust
– Asset evaluation and protection planning
– Wealth preservation planning
– Planning for disability, incapacity, and death

Primary Reasons to Consider Estate Planning

Here at Mann Law, we understand the need to consider what happens once you are gone. A personal estate is the result of many years of planning and hard work. When you work with one of our estate planning attorneys, you receive the peace of mind you deserve in knowing that you have a solid plan for your estate and beneficiaries, now and in the future.

Personal estate planning helps to:

– Minimize stress for family members
– Avoid the need for probate
– Protect and secure the financial well-being of family members
– Avoid unnecessary federal and state taxes

Florida Estate Planning Who should have a revocable trust

Specific Issues Covered with Estate Planning

Here at Mann Law, our estate attorneys can assist you with every aspect of planning. Creating a customized estate plan is important and may include many of the following considerations:

– Selection of an executor or executrix
– Selection of one or more trustees
– Avoidance of Probate
– Estate planning for non-probate assets as well as probate assets
– Distributions to surviving spouse
– Estate planning for surviving spouse
– Distributions to children, grandchildren, siblings, or parents
– Distributions to family members with special needs
– Distributions to other family members
– Tangible property bequests
– Charitable bequests
– Power of Attorney
– Health care surrogate
– Beneficiary designations on financial accounts, retirement accounts, and life insurance policies
– Contingent beneficiaries on financial accounts, retirement accounts, and life insurance policies
– Guardian selection
– HIPAA release and authorization
– Living will

Mann Law provides estate planning legal services and estate litigation. Schedule a no-obligation consultation on your estate matters today.