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Business Law: Insurance Law

Mann Law is happy to assist medical providers, contractors or other businesses in navigating the complex field of insurance assignment of benefits or dealing with denial and/or dispute with their own policies. Mann Law uses  the experience and knowledge gained working with insurance providers and their clients and are dedicated to providing the professional insurance law services to clients throughout the state of Florida.

Florida Insurance Law Services

As insurance law attorneys, we have a deep appreciation for the challenges that insurance claims can represent to both insurers and clients. For insurers, it is important to protect your business over the long-term by ensuring that all claims are valid–and by providing skilled legal representation to your clients so that they get the best possible outcomes from legal action taken in their interest. For clients, it is important to understand what your insurer is obligated to do on your behalf, and it is obviously desirable to get the outcome you desire from your claim and any legal action related to that claim.

Our understanding of the fine line between personal needs and interests and the needs and interests of the insurance business makes us an ideal partner for insurance companies and insurance clients. We see both sides of the equation and make it a point to achieve outcomes that are in the best interests of our clients. Our familiarity with the position of both insurer and client allows us to find creative, effective solutions that result in the best possible outcome for the client we serve.

If you are wondering what to do concerning your insurance policy, we are here to help. Please contact us today to learn more about our business law services regarding insurance. Our team is ready and waiting to answer your questions.

Helping Businesses Navigate Insurance Issues

Our Florida legal team works with businesses throughout the state to navigate the often complex legal terrain of insurance-related issues. Insurance law is certainly not easy to understand at first glance. And trying to figure out what your insurance company is obligated to do per your contract is not necessarily obvious at first glance–or even with repeated reading. Legal terminology and contract writing is a domain of legal professionals, not business owners and business teams. Whatever your business, chances are you can benefit from an advocate in the legal realm when dealing with insurance issues. We are here to serve as that advocate. As your legal team, we take your interests seriously and work diligently to get you the results you want and that you deserve.

Assignment of Benefits and Denial of Benefits

Many businesses take assignments of their customer’s insurance benefits order to provide prompt service to those customers without forcing the insured to wait on their insurance benefits before being served. Unfortunately, insurance companies often do not pay what the insurance assignee considers the full value of the claim. If your business deals in assignment of benefits. Mann Law can give you a free consultation to determine whether your claims are being improperly denied or reduced. If you don’t accept assignment of benefits, but are interested in finding out if those same assignments can help your business, contact Mann Law for a full explanation of how to make sure you are properly assigned your customer’s insurance benefits.

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